Larimar Retro-Necklace
Larimar Retro-Necklace

Larimar Retro-Necklace

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"Back to the good days" with this Retro Larimar Necklace, hosting 30 beads. Each bead is unique, with a natural beauty. All beads are handpicked by our GIA Gemologist to ensure high quality and natural balance. The beads are set in a Sterling Silver Chain, making it a strong and timeless piece.

 I can't think of a better gemstone to represent our Summer Vibes! Soft and tranquil blue with the colors of the ocean and the day sky. It's named as the Stone of the Dolphins and it's our connection with the Caribbean. 

A rare blue variety of Pectolite, Larimar is found only in the Dominican Republic in the Caribbean.

In the metaphysical world, Larimar is a healing stone and it has effects on four of the seven main chakras: the Heart, the Throat, the Third Eye and the Crown.  It's believed that Larimar works by bringing balance and harmony with your energies to achieve overall calm, relaxation and unity within oneself.